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    Flat navy blue shoelaces

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     Have you ever been searching for the perfect shoelaces only to be distracted by a quest for Nirvana? Are you genuinely so chilled that you can’t remember the last time you were angry? Did you once visit a Buddhist monastery and end up staying for seven months?

    If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then boy have we got the right shoelaces for you. You’re clearly the placid, thoughtful type. You’re the one that people go to, the beacon of calm that guides friends through the treacherous waters of life. You are navy blue: trustworthy, profound, idealistic.

    Our Classic Flat Navy Blue Shoelaces are the perfect tone to suit your laid back character. They are firm when they need to be but mostly just tranquil and happy to chill. In short, they will get along fine with whatever you put them with.

    With great wisdom comes great responsibility. Navy Blue knows all about that. That’s why these laces offer the perfect balance between being respected and taking life as it comes. They are your oasis in a desert of bland. They cut through the noise, and prove that being a dreamer doesn’t mean you can’t be taken seriously. Where else are you going to get shoelaces this deep for £3.99?

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    Product Code: 8M-Flat-NavyBlue
    Can stretch 16%
    Width: 8mm
    Made of high quality polyester
    OEKO-TEX® Certificate Approved