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    Red curly shoelaces

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    • Elasticity provides a comfortable fit
    • Never tie shoelaces again
    • Turns any shoes into slip-ons

    Red Curly Shoelaces Are Multi-Dimensionally Magical

    Red curly shoelaces are old-school meets new-school, a trendy blend of retro style mixed with state-of-the-art textiles to start every day with at least one less thing to worry about.

    But we think these laces provide peace of mind at three specific levels, not just the first and most obvious…but that's where we'll start.

    You only have to lace these up once, because with elastic, no-tie shoelaces, there's no tying needed, and they stay comfortable and tight, so you can have your shoes on and your feet out the door in record time. (Have someone time you. You will set records.)

    Then, you'll leave the house rocking throwback laces in a colour as bold and fiery as red. Are you kidding? People will be fawning over your footwear. They will swoon.

    But they also might hold you up – don't let them admire you for too long, you have places to be, and people who need to see how good your shoes look.

    So you have convenience. You have style. What's the third? Longevity and versatility. These laces will last longer than your shoes, so you can put them in new ones knowing that they'll make those look just as fly, then repeat, over and over, until the end of time.

    There are three reasons to rock these two red curly shoelaces, and it's all just one click away. Go! Because no one will be able to catch up to your shoe game.

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