• Shoe Cleaner - 150ml

    99.00 €
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    Make Your Shoes Shine – Without Damaging the Material

    You invested in nice shoes made to last. But if they’re dirty, they look cheap, old, and ready to replace. Help your footwear last longer while keeping it looking brand-new every day. This innovative 2GO Shoe Cleaner features a hyper-effective, water-based formula that’s biodegradable, so no need to worry about chemical residue. Just apply to a cloth and wipe away the dust and smudges, it’s that easy.

    Also Available in a Kit

    This top-rated shoe cleaner. A gentle brush for the grooves and stitching. A microfiber cloth to ensure you never damage your shoes. It’s all included in the 2GO Shoe Cleaning Kit, also available at FeetUnique. Find it here, and get everything you need, all at once.

    All Backed by a 100% Guarantee

    We don’t require our customers to mail anything to receive a refund. If this product isn’t exactly what you’re expecting (or better), you’ll get your money back, period. We’re that confident that you’ll not only love your 2GO Shoe Cleaner and any other shoe care product, you’ll want to buy it again and again. Order today!

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