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    Super wide white shoelaces

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    Super Wide White Shoelaces Make Trainers Look Brand New

    Super wide white shoelaces were made to turn any trainers into a fresh new pair, a strikingly bright colour that guarantees your footwear game will be impossible to miss.

    Be careful when you're walking down the street – you might stop traffic. Cars will slow down to look at your shoes. A bus full of people will stop to check them out in awe. Because these are bold laces, crafted with the kind of quality everyone recognises the moment they see them.

    There's a reason printer paper is white. It's so that any colour you put on it will look great. The same goes for these laces, and whatever colour your trainers, your trousers, your shirt, your watch, your glasses, or your hat may be.

    If you look up versatility in the dictionary, you'll probably just find an image of these laces (or that’s what we’ve heard).

    Basically, wearing our super wide white shoelaces is like wearing two lights at the end of a tunnel. Hopefully, other people with lesser laces will follow your example, and maybe someday, none of us will ever have to witness weak shoe game again.

    Put as simply as possible, these laces produce a clean look that powers up your style, no matter where you're planning on going to show them off.

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    Product Code: 18M-Flat-White
    Width: 16mm
    Made of high quality polyester