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    round beige dress shoelaces

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    Round Beige Dress Shoelaces Uncage Possibilities

    Round beige dress shoelaces turn your dress shoes into islands of paradise. But the comfort, style, and premium quality were crafted with every environment in mind – from a life-changing job interview to a small fishing boat in the middle of the ocean, these laces always fit in.

    Beige is a colour that can be easy to miss unless it's being complemented correctly. Beige hotel curtains above a beige carpet? Not okay. The highest quality, beige shoelaces threaded through a blue dress shoe? You're bringing vacation into work with you, and it's rubbing off on everyone else.

    See them smiling? You did that.

    Did you know that some people don't realise that the laces that come as standard in shoes should be destined for the paper shredder? Good thing you're one of the few who do realise that – and understand the distinguishing difference sleek shoes can make.

    Round beige dress shoelaces are like starting your day on the beach. You know they look great, won't come untied, and go just as well with dark brown leather as they do on white dress shoes. Are you already sighing?

    We'd ask where these laces will take you, but we're sure that you have a shore in mind, be it the shores of new opportunities, or those of familiar places.

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    Product Code: 3M-Classic-LightBrown
    Thin wax-layer
    Made of cotton
    Stretch 0%
    Width: 2,5mm
    OEKO-TEX® Certificate Approved
    Commonly used with dress shoes