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    Oval light brown shoelaces

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    Oval Light Brown Shoelaces Create Trails to Everywhere

    Like that lakeside trail you like to drive out to as a workout treat every once in a while, our light brown oval shoelaces lead the eyes down your running shoes like you're going to lead the other runners.

    Wait a second. Are we implying that these laces not only look strikingly stylish on your shoes, they'll make you faster too?

    No, we're not implying it. That would be ridiculous. Instead, we're outright saying it.

    Carved from the trees of determination and sanded down by the perspiration of hard work, these laces are made to make you better. Their flexibility means you'll crank around turns so fast and easily, you may screech like a racecar. The friction and durability ensure they won't come untied or frayed, which inferior laces are known to do. Could you imagine that happening in the middle of sprinting? You don't have to. It's now a nightmare you'll never have to live.

    Whether you're jogging down that lakeside path you go to every Tuesday at 7 AM, the treadmill you're really happy you bought and always use, or at that gym down the corner, these laces manage to look just as good as they feel.

    And the harder you work, the better they perform.
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    Product Code: 6M-Oval-LightBrown
    Width: 6mm
    OEKO-TEX® Certificate Approved
    Can stretch 15%
    Commonly used in sports shoes
    Made of high quality polyester