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    Oval pink shoelaces

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    Pink Oval Shoelaces Light Up the Gym

    Our pink oval shoelaces were designed to complement your running shoes, and your performance, both in fashion and in exercise ferocity, is about to get better.

    Pink can be either peaceful and lovely or daring and exciting, depending on the colours you're matching them with. On a colour like white, you're getting the more approachable look, a pair of feet that ask other runners to join you.

    But you're probably going to want to set the pace, as these laces are created specifically for runners. Unfortunately, not everyone will have them in their running shoes, which is why we recommend recommendations, but only so that people can keep up with our customers.

    Matching pink laces with darker colours, like black or purple, is a daring choice in a good way. If your running shoes have a black and purple pattern, and you combine them with these laces, people are going to be stunned. They'll want to know what you did over the weekend.

    Don't tell them. The mystery will be better than the truth.

    But you know what won't be a mystery? How you're shaving minutes off of your mile. How you're losing weight by the pounds. How your abs are so rock hard and chiselled, you could use them to wash laundry.

    Pink oval shoelaces are very you in every way. Are you ready to unleash their power?

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    Product Code: 6M-Oval-LightPink
    Width: 6mm
    OEKO-TEX® Certificate Approved
    Can stretch 15%
    Commonly used in sports shoes
    Made of high quality polyester