• Adidas Yeezy - Rope Laces Black and Green

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    Design Exciting Sneakers with Light Green and Black Rope Shoelaces

    Light green and black rope shoelaces are for those who want a different pair of shoes simply by buying new laces. Because not only do these make your shoes look nicer, they actually enhance the comfort of the footwear. That's a combination that's rare in the fashion world. So is light green and black, which means you'll truly have one-of-a-kind sneakers. More comfortable, better looking, and totally original – those are the benefits of light green and black rope shoelaces.


    Strong Color Contrast Creates a Unique Style

    Some of our varieties of rope shoelaces are subtler than others, wherein the two colors are close in hue and blend together well. Some are also more vibrant, like our metallic varieties. But sitting right in the middle are light green and black rope shoelaces. They're not too loud or too quiet, an appealing balance that completes sneakers instead of overpowers them. Some people call that perfect. We agree.


    Universal Fit. Custom Lengths.

    The standard width ensures a near-certainty that your new pair of light green and black rope shoelaces will slide in flawlessly. However, the length is up to you. If you're still sticking with the laces that came with the sneakers, you're likely dealing with a length that's too long or too short. Select your ideal inches, lace them to your preferred tightness, and get ready for unmatched breathability, security, and overall comfort.   


    Exceptional Value Meets a 100% Guarantee

    Our biggest priorities are quality, fair pricing, and customer satisfaction. If you're not completely happy with your light green and black rope shoelaces (or any of our products), we'll provide a full refund. No need to mail back the laces or even get on the phone. That's because we guarantee the shoelaces you receive will be exactly what you're imaging, and the durability will outlast the sneakers you put them in. At FeetUnique, we do shoelaces right. Find out firsthand by ordering light green and black rope shoelaces today.

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