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    Round dark grey shoelaces

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    Round Dark Grey Shoelaces Harness the Storm

    The story of our round dark grey shoelaces begins with their original inspiration: made for boots. But like the best stories, these shoelaces inspired heroes' journeys that span every type of shoe.

    It was a dark and stormy day. We imagined what the rainclouds would look like as shoelaces. Would they bring thunder to every step? Would they energise the wearer with lightning? Would the intensity differ depending on the colour of the shoe? There was only one way to find out.

    Complemented by yellow, white, and other light colours, the laces made it seem like a cool fog set in. Sound spooky? It's the opposite, like when it's 110 degrees out and you step into an air-conditioned store.

    Bright colours like orange and red have the shoelaces acting as the stark contrast, like when the clouds opened right at sunset the night we conceived these laces to reveal the striking colours of the sky. And on brown and black footwear, that's where round dark grey shoelaces blend in like the shadow you can always rely on to have your back.

    From the darkest and stormiest nights to the brightest, sunniest days, these shoelaces can weather any situation. Once you have them, the only question left is: what's your story going to be?

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    Product Code: 4M-Round-DarkGrey
    Width: 1/6 inch
    Commonly used with boots
    Made of high quality polyester
    Can stretch 16%
    OEKO-TEX® Certificate Approved