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    Round light grey shoelaces

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    Round Light Grey Shoelaces

    Boots become invaluable tools of travel with round light grey shoelaces, but these are great laces no matter where you're trying to turn heads. Or, sorry, are you not trying to turn heads? Then grey works for those who prefer subtlety too.

    Yep, grey is just that kind of colour.

    It's a cool mist that can hide secrets while revealing mysteries. It's as sexy and alluring as it is easy to overlook. Classing across a bright blue pair of shoes make it look like you're walking across the sky. Pairing them with dark boots makes mountains look like hillsides.

    And it's easy to forget the technological element of light grey. From computers and hardware to web browsers and software and beyond, technologies pair with grey because it goes with everything. Your screen could be flashing with every single one of the most brilliant images across the internet, from pleasant photos to the never-to-be-unseen horrific, and that grey frame matches with perfection.

    Out of the ashes of your old shoelaces—which you will feel compelled to burn immediately once you see the difference in quality—will rise these round light grey shoelaces. Take them. They're yours.

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    Product Code: 4M-Round-LightGrey
    Width: 1/6 inch
    Commonly used with boots
    Made of high quality polyester
    Can stretch 16%
    OEKO-TEX® Certificate Approved