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    Flat black leather laces

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    Take Over the World Wearing Black Leather Shoelaces

    Black leather shoelaces turn trainers into loudspeakers that bump to the rhythm you set for the world. The world is going to move in time to your pace? So if you speed up, the world speeds up, and if you slow down to relax, the world does too? All because of your laces?

    That is absolutely correct. You'll probably be solely responsible for the rotation of the earth, just by living your daily life. That's the power of our black leather shoelaces.

    Nothing has ever been so universally associated with class or sexiness quite like black leather. It's sleek and sophisticated, yet edgy and mysterious. You never know what it's about to do, but you know that it's going to look cool doing it. Could these laces double as whips? Sure they could. And whatever goes on behind closed doors between consenting adults is none of our business.

    For trainerheads, these are like getting your black belt in footwear Kung Fu. They're how you bring your shoes up by so many levels, they'll be out of this world. They'll put you above every other person. How? Because no one else is going to have a shoelace game that comes close.

    The world has been slowing you down. Lace up on these futuristic accessories, and everyone else will make a point to catch up. 

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