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    Dare to Be Unique with Red Leather Shoelaces

    We can't talk about red leather shoelaces in trainers without using the word "sexy." It's a word that makes some people uncomfortable. Maybe you don't want sexy shoes. But then why would you click on these laces?

    Because these aren't afraid to be bold. They put the top down on the convertible when it's zero degrees out just because they can. They stand at the edge of a volcano, look down at the molten-hot lava, and yawn. They get more excitement looking in the mirror.

    If a celebrity walked down a red carpet wearing these, the paparazzi would not be snapping pictures of their face: all lenses would be trained on their feet.

    Now for the real question: what colour combination should the shoes be to match this level of premium shoelaces? Take a moment to imagine the possibilities. They make a dull pair of shoes impossible to miss. They're finally the laces that truly do those… limited-edition trainers you waited three days in a queue for …justice.

    I mean, come on. You can't just rock the laces that came standard. On those kicks? Please.

    Red flat leather shoelaces aren't for everyone. If they were, they wouldn't be unique. But they feel like they were made for you, don't they? You can tell just by looking at them.

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