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    White leather laces

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    White Leather Shoelaces Were Made to Be Yours

    Your trainers won't look cool now that you've seen white leather shoelaces, at least not until you lace these into them. It’s too late. You've already seen their effortless balance of boldness meets subtle.

    These are you in shoelace form.

    White has a reputation for purity…until it's the colour of leather. Then its dove-like features disappear, becoming something that's more fit for a motorcycle. These laces will make you want to tame a wild stallion, and then set it free again. You'd probably want to wrap these around your knuckles before you get into a fight. It'd look cinematic. But everyone will be too intimidated by these white leather laces to mess with you anyway.

    That's why these laces are the perfect middle ground between approachable and edgy. They weed out the people you don't want to waste your time with, all while attracting the people who share your affinity for style and self-reliance.

    Lacing up shoes in white leather shoelaces just feels right. The world seems better. Or maybe it's just you who's better.

    Because let's be honest here, just look at those laces. Have a pair ever seemed so specifically designed for you? And since these are specialty laces, they actually will be.

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