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    Silver leather laces

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    Silver Leather Shoelaces Make Trainers Sleeker

    Grab your silver leather shoelaces from the packaging, slide them into your trainers, and get ready for your feet to become the cutting-edge of style and confidence.

    When you tie them up and look down at your shoes before you head out the door, angle them towards the sunlight. You'll be able to hear them slice through the air, letting you know that nothing can stop you.

    These laces were made for zero-gravity dance floors. Partying aliens on the other side of the galaxy will make a pit stop at Earth, just to pick you up, because no one in the universe is going to want to be at a party that you're not going to. Not when you wear these laces.

    You could take an old, worn pair of boots, the soles held together by tape, and our silver flat leather shoelaces will make them wedding-ready. So sliding them into a fly pair of trainers? You'll have what we in the trainer community call "too much to handle."

    Basically, people are going to have a hard time looking at your shoes without getting emotional. You'll be recruited to be the ruler of Mars once they get the colonies going. These laces make other laces look like antiques.

    And all you have to do is lace them up.

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