• Comfort Insoles For High Heels

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    Gone are the days of having to choose between style and comfort. Finally, you can have both. How is that possible? Imagine a pair of insoles made of silicone that gently absorb shock or ball-of-foot pressure when standing in your favorite high heels. Since they’re practically undetectable, they can be worn in sandals as well. 

    Best Insoles for High Heels

    Designed for use with all kinds of high heels, Super Cushions are the best choice for comfort and pain relief. They are excellent at absorbing shock, both at the ball point (front part behind the toes) and the heel, which tend to be the foot’s most vulnerable and most painful pressure points. 

    The foot sinks into the insole like into a soft cushion, hence the name. Super Cushions stop the foot from sliding forward, which happens often when you’re wearing heels or platforms. When the foot slides forward, your toes get crushed into the tip of the shoe or you need to clench them for balance. It’s either that or the heel rubs against the back of the shoe. All of these can feel excruciating. Wearing an open-toe heel is no better because your toes are crammed and stick out the front and we all know that’s painful too. 

    The best option is to combine Super Cushions with our Heel Grip insert if your feet tend to slip out of the heel when walking. This will do away with the common problem once and for all.

    But why are Super Cushions the best insoles for high heels? Admittedly, there are comparable products on the market. Yet, it is a fact of life. The reason: a unique combination of benefits to wearers. The insoles are washable by hand using soap. After drying, they’ll be just like new every time. 

    They are made of silicone, which is perfect for high heels because of the cushioning effect, being naturally shock absorbent and soft. It guarantees the best support for your feet. This material has a cooling effect, making it perfect for summer, the season to show off your favorite heels. It also takes up very little space. The insoles are discrete and transparent.

    Since silicone retains its shape and can be washed, your insoles will practically last forever. They are easy to insert into any shoe. You don’t need to know any special technique. Once inserted, they’ll stick to your shoe. Another convenience is that they come in one universal size. Your shoe size doesn’t matter in the least. 

    Order Super Cushions now and forget about foot pain forever.

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