• Halfsole With Transverse Arch Support

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    If you have pain, tiredness, or discomfort in your forefoot, 2GO have created the ideal insole for you. Discomfort or pain in this area often comes from having an incorrect posture for too long. It signifies a problem with your transversal arch.

    Insoles for metatarsalgia

    Metatarsalgia is pain at the ball of the foot. Our halfsoles have a comfortable pillow/cushion to relieve the pain and support the transverse arch. If the arch is missing, these insoles will bring it back. This makes them the perfect and easiest solution to pain in this area.

    This part of the foot carries a large amount of weight, particularly when you move your body forward. The soles are ideal for people who cannot compromise on comfort. The insoles are a long term solution because foot support both relieves the pain or discomfort and helps build up strength in the right muscles, thereby eliminating problems associated with the condition.

    If you’re already experiencing strong pain, lack of support will exacerbate it with time. The only exception to this is if you experience tiredness from short-term intensive or strenuous activity.

    Best Halfsole for Forefoot Pain

    These halfsoles helps prevent and relieve forefoot pain and the symptoms of not only metatarsalgia, but also a condition called plantar fasciitis. Metatarsalgia is also sometimes referred to as "stone bruise". They will bring existing pain under immediate control as well as keep it from becoming more severe with time.

    Proper cushioning is key to pain relief. These halfsoles will fit most types of shoes. They only take up space at the front of the shoe. One exception may be shoes that fit very tightly in the front. In this case, we recommend you check out our small inserts for transversal arch support instead.

    Our halfsoles are made of genuine vegetable tanned leather, a high quality material that ensures a supreme level of comfort in combination with very high durability. There is a layer of latex for extra cushioning on the bottom. Thanks to the materials, the insoles last practically forever.

    They are not designed for a specific type of activity. The main purpose is relief from pain due to the medical conditions described above.

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