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    Our Heel Grip product is the go-to option if you’re sick of your shoes slipping off and/or scratching and scraping at the heel. More people than you may imagine will hold on to a pair of shoes they love despite having these problems. Heel Grip is our solution.

    After you insert them, we recommend using a shoehorn to make sure you don't push the new grip down when you step into your shoes. This is not mandatory though. It’s just a suggestion for added convenience and comfort.     

    Best solution for gnawing shoes                                        

    There are several reasons why Heel Grip inserts are the best way to make uncomfortable shoes wearable again. First and foremost, they’re very easy to insert. They’re made of real leather, which is of supreme quality. While they’re not limited to high heels, that’s the shoe type many struggle with. They prevent formation of painful blisters.              

    Anyone whose shoes aren’t a snug fit will benefit from the insoles greatly. If your shoes scrape against your heels, look no farther than Heel Grip to finally get a grip on your gait. They solve the problem thanks to a state of the art combination of soft anti slip material and added volume above your heels.

    Heel Grip insoles can be worn with heels, trainers, work boots, and any other shoes. You can perform any everyday activity with them on. The painful sensation of prolonged walking or standing in uncomfortable shoes will become an obscure memory.

    Need to know

    The inserts are self-sticking, all you need to do is attach them to the back of your shoes above your heel. This product is one size fits all.

    Heel Grip solves problems of scraping shoes and loosely fitting shoes. They are not intended to supplement treatment of a specific foot condition. If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, neuroma, or another foot problem, check out the products in our orthotic category. 

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