• Transverse Arch Support Insert - Drop Shaped

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    This is the perfect insole for someone who’s experiencing pain, discomfort or tiredness in the front of the foot. This part is also called the "ball of the foot". If your arch across your foot is misaligned, you will experience pain or other discomfort. The ball of the foot carries a large amount of weight, especially every time you move forward, which happens repeatedly every day.

    Resting and recovering fully can be difficult if you’re already experiencing pain or other discomfort, if not impossible. The long-term solution is to build up strength in the right muscles again with proper support.      

    Good Insoles for Flat Feet

    These inserts support the foot by lifting the area behind the ball of the foot. If you have pain in this area, you are likely having issues with the transverse arch. This arch is missing if the front of your feet is flat or extra wide.   

    The drop shaped inserts are a permanent solution in the long run. They will relieve the pain because they support your foot. Then, your foot takes proper position again, and you start to build strength in weakened muscles. With time, the problem will be eliminated.

    This insert is soft and comfortable. It is a unique and effective pad for the transversal arch support you need.

    Best Insole for Lasting Forefoot Pain Relief

    The inserts help relieve and even prevent painful conditions like Morton's neuroma, metatarsalgia, splayfoot, and other kinds of forefoot pain. Metatarsalgia is pain or other discomfort at the "ball of the foot" or forefoot. The name is derived from the metatarsal bones behind your toes.

    Will these inserts fit all of your shoes? Yes. They take up very little space and stick to the shoe with a self-adhesive bottom part, letting you put them on top of your current insole. This way, you don’t need to part with original insoles in new shoes.

    These inserts are made of genuine vegetable tanned leather. This material provides a myriad of benefits, including high comfort, and unmatched durability. The inserts will outlast your shoes unless you insert them incorrectly the first time. They should feel comfortable and “right”. If they do, leave them in the shoes permanently. If you’re happy with the effect, you can get more pairs to wear in your other shoes.

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