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    Are you still daydreaming about the stilettos you glanced at briefly on the way back from work? Go back to the shop now and pick them up. We have an innovative, affordable, and discrete product to ease the discomfort and pain from wearing any heels, including sky high ones. The right pair of insoles can transform any shoe into truly comfortable footwear because modern insole technology eliminates foot pain completely.

    Most Comfortable Insoles for High Heels

    2GO is a top-quality Danish brand specializing in insoles and shoe care products and our Gelly Feet insoles are among our top offerings. They ensure shock absorption and provide superior cushioning for the front of your feet. The insoles are designed for heels, but can be worn in any shoe and also moved from one pair to another. They are washable, comfortable, and very effective for pain at the ball of the foot. This is the front part right behind the toes, one of the foot’s most sensitive areas. Gelly Feet insoles can even prevent future pain and issues in this part of the foot. 

    If our Super Cushions insoles fit in your heels and aren’t visually intrusive, they might be a better option than Gelly Feet. Gelly Feet are the better choice if your pain is only in the ball of your foot. Moreover, they are invisible, even in open heels. The visible part of the insole is transparent. 

    The foot slipping out of the heel when walking is a very common problem women have. If you have this issue too, combine Gelly Feet with our "Heel Grip" inserts.

    Gelly Feet are the solution to get rid of pain in the ball of the foot for good. Our many satisfied customers testify to the fact that these insoles are the softest and best cushioning product for high heels. They are like a pillow for the heels. The soft, ergonomically shaped material ensures the right kind of relief in the right place. 

    The insoles are made of silicone gel; a firm, yet flexible and contoured material cradling the foot evenly. The arch is supported gently, providing much-needed additional stability. The insoles minimize stress and fatigue by absorbing the impact of steps on the forefoot area. They are likely to outlast all of your pairs of heels and let you enjoy all your new pairs. Silicone retains its shape permanently.

    Gelly Feet were not designed for any specific activity. You can wear them whenever and as long as you need to. They are “one size fits all”, discrete, and effective; guaranteed to help women of all shoe sizes avoid pain and discomfort when wearing their favorite heels. 

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