• Felt Insoles

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    Wool provides superior insulation, letting cold air out and holding warm air in. Felt insoles are mainly used to insulate shoes in cold weather. They help keep feet cozy because this material dries fast and is highly absorbent. As long as you don’t wash them, they will last very long.

    2GO is a Danish brand specialized in developing shoe care products. Our felt insoles are extra thick, very hygienic, warm, and extremely comfortable. Painful and tired feet will soon be a distant memory. Moreover, they minimize the pressure on the foot’s entire area, eliminate odor, and prevent sweating thanks to their moisture absorbent properties.

    Warm Insoles for Hunting Boots   

    You can wear our felt insoles with any kind of outdoor footwear, including hunting and other boots. They are robust, solid, and reliable. Everyone who’s ever wanted insoles that keep their feet dry and provide warmth will love these. They’re made of high quality wool felt, the absolute best material to ensure dryness and warmth. The insoles are perfect for outdoor activities in wet and/or cold weather. 

    Our felt insoles are cut to size. They cover multiple sizes so choose accordingly. The visible part of the insole is a shade of charcoal grey with a luxury look.

    The insoles are very easy to insert. Simply cut them to the right size using a pair of scissors by following the contours on the back. Then, put them in your shoes and wait no longer to start enjoying their warmth and comfort.

    Felt insoles can also provide extra support, making the difference between a great and a dreadful day at work in the chilly outdoors. They add a previously unimagined dimension of comfort, giving your feet precise arch support with additional padding and allowing them to sink into and shape the insoles.

    Give our felt insoles a shot – we promise you'll be hooked. You’ll begin to wonder how you ever survived the “great outdoors” without them. 

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